Domain eukarya kingdom protista2

domain eukarya kingdom protista2 Supergroup amoebozoa: amoeba proteus supergroup alveolata: phylum  ciliophora paramecium phylum apicomplexa plasmodium phylum dinozoa.

The protista, or protoctista, are a kingdom of simple eukaryotic organisms, usually composed of a single cell or a colony of similar cells protists live in water, . Eukaryotes represent a domain of life, but within this domain there are multiple the fungi kingdom represents those organisms, and over 70,000 other species. Kingdom archaebacteria the third domain, eukarya, contains all four of the eukaryotic kingdoms: animalia (animals), fungi (fungi), plantae (plants), and protista.

3 kingdom protista believed to have evolved as the first eukaryotes believed to have evolved as the first eukaryotes organisms in this group just don't fit perfectly into any other kingdom in the domain eukarya kingdom protista 2 kingdom.

Classification a organisms can be classified based on physical similarities b linnaeus developed the scientific naming system still used today taxonomy is.

Learn domain eukarya kingdoms & characteristics here the kingdom fungi consists of heterotrophic organisms, or organisms that cannot.

Domain: eukaryota kingdom: protista genus: kiitoksia vors, 1992 species see text kiitoksia is a genus of aquatic protozoa the taxonomic position of the genus is still uncertain and it has not been placed in any classification below the kingdom of protista.

Kingdom names are not presently being used in this domain these are part of genetically more similar to eukarya than to bacteria tolerate.

Domain eukarya kingdom protista2
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